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Review CCSS Publications that include data collected by the CCSS. You can search by title, keyword, working group, journal abbreviation, and author.

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  • Health-related and cancer risk concerns among siblings of childhood cancer survivors: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS).


    Citation: 16(3):624-637

    Author(s): Morales S, Salehabadi SM, Srivastava D, Gibson TM, Leisenring WM, Alderfer MA, Lown EA, Zeltzer LK, Armstrong GT, Krull KR, Buchbinder D.

    Journal: J Cancer Surviv

  • Germline genetic and treatment-related risk factors for diabetes mellitus in survivors of childhood cancer: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and St. Jude Lifetime cohorts


    Citation: e2200239

    Author(s): Richard MA, Mostoufi-Moab S, Rathore N, Baedke J, Brown AL, Chanock SJ, Friedman DN, Gramatges MM, Howell RM, Kamdar KY, Leisenring WM, Meacham LR, Morton LM, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Sapkota Y, Sklar CA, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S, Lupo PJ

    Journal: JCO Precis Oncol

  • Short NK- and Naïve T-Cell telomere length is associated with thyroid cancer in childhood cancer survivors: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.


    Citation: 31(2):453-460

    Author(s): Man T, Aubert G, Richard MA, LeJeune W, Hariri E, Goltsova T, Gaikwad A, Chen Y, Whitton J, Leisenring WM, Arnold MA, Neglia JP, Yasui Y, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S, Gramatges MM.

    Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev

  • Pooled analysis of meningioma risk following treatment for childhood cancer


    Citation: 8(12):1756-1764

    Author(s): Withrow DR, Anderson H, Armstrong GT, Hawkins M, Journy N, Neglia JP, de Vathaire F, Tucker MA, Inskip P, Brenner A, Stovall M, Diallo I, Berrington de Gonzalez A, Veiga LHS

    Journal: JAMA Oncol

  • Association of changes in cancer therapy over 3 decades with risk of subsequent breast cancer among female childhood cancer survivors: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS)


    Citation: 8(12):1765–1774

    Author(s): Henderson TO, Liu Q, Turcotte LM, Neglia JP, Leisenring WM, Hodgson D, Diller L, Kenney L, Morton L, Berrington de Gonzalez A, Arnold M, Bhatia S, Howell RM, Smith SA, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Oeffinger KC, Yasui Y, Moskowitz CS

    Journal: JAMA Oncol

  • Development and validation of models to predict poor health-related quality of life among adult survivors of childhood cancer


    Citation: 5(8):2227225

    Author(s): Schulte F, Chen Y, Yasui Y, Ruiz ME, Leisenring WM, Gibson TM, Nathan PC, Oeffinger KC, Hudson MM, Armstrong GT, Robison LL, Krull KR, Huang I

    Journal: JAMA Netw Open

  • A novel locus on 6p21.2 for cancer treatment-induced cardiac dysfunction among childhood cancer survivors


    Citation: 114(8):1109-1116

    Author(s): Sapkota Y, Ehrhardt MJ, Qin N, Wang Z, Liu Q, Qiu W, Shelton K, Shao Y, Plyler E, Mulder HL, Easton J, Michael JR, Burridge PW, Wang X, Wilson CL, Jefferies JJ, Chow EJ, Oeffinger KC, Morton LM, Li C, Yang JJ, Zhang J, Bhatia S, Mulrooney DA, Hudson MM, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Yasui Y

    Journal: J Natl Cancer Inst

  • What are risk factors for and outcomes of late amputation after treatment for lower extremity sarcoma: a Childhood Cancer Survivor Study report


    Citation: 481(3):526-538

    Author(s): Geiger EJ, Liu W, Srivastava DK, Bernthal NM, Weil BR, Yasui Y, Ness KK, Krull KR, Goldsby RE, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Dieffenbach BV, Weldon C, Gebhardt MC, Howell R, Murphy A, Leisenring WM, Armstrong GT, Chow EJ, Wustrack RL

    Journal: Clin Orthop Relat Res

  • Genome-wide association study of pregnancy in childhood cancer survivors: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.


    Citation: 31(9):1858-1862

    Author(s): Rotz SJ, Worley S, Hu B, Bazeley P, Baedke JL, Hudson MM, Kuo DJ, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Sahoo D, Wang F, Yasui Y, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S

    Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev

  • Cohort Profile: Risk and risk factors for female breast cancer after treatment for childhood and adolescent cancer: an internationally pooled cohort


    Citation: 12(11):e065910

    Author(s): Wang Y, Kremer LCM, van Leeuwen FE, Armstrong GT, Leisenring W, de Vathaire F, Hudson MM, Kuehni CE, Arnold MA, Haddy N, Demoor-Goldschmidt C, Diallo I, Howell RM, Ehrhardt MJ, Moskowitz CS, Neglia JP, van der Pal HJH, Robison LL, Schaapveld M, Turcotte LM, Waespe N, Ronckers CM, Teepen JC

    Journal: BMJ Open

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