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Saliva and Blood Collection

Saliva Collection

In December 2007, collection of saliva samples using the Genotek Oragene-DNA Self-Collection Kit was initiated. Oragene-DNA yields high-quality, high-quantity DNA from a small saliva sample that is equivalent to DNA from blood and has been successfully used for PCR and genotyping in genome-wide association studies.

All CCSS participants were mailed a saliva collection kit, instructions, and consent form. Participants who consented returned samples to the Coordinating Center where the samples were inspected, and signed consent forms were filed.  The samples were then mailed to the Molecular Genetics Laboratory in Cincinnati, OH for processing.

Blood Collection

The CCSS began collecting whole blood samples in 2001 using mobile phlebotomy. Research personnel at the Coordinating Center identifies and consents those who are eligible for a blood draw.  Eligible participants include those with a second neoplasm, those with a targeted chronic condition and matched controls, and participants from applicable ancillary studies.  Once consented, research personnel send the participant’s contact information to the mobile phlebotomy company for them to set up a time to draw the blood sample either at the participant’s home or another convenient location.  The blood sample is then sent to the Biorepository in Cincinnati for banking. These blood samples serve as a source of DNA/RNA as well as biological samples that can be sent to investigators with approved concept proposals for project specific biomarker testing.

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