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Chronic Disease


The primary objective of the Chronic Disease Working Group is to promote research designed to characterize the prevalence/incidence of, and risk factors for, chronic health conditions (i.e., vital organ dysfunction) and in doing so to improve the understanding of late effects and expand guidelines for late effects by specific organ system. In addition to ongoing follow-up with age and assessment of accelerated aging in survivors, this is accomplished through research studies that evaluate risk based on temporal changes in therapy, providing individual risk estimates for survivors using prediction models and identifying risk factors that could modify or reduce risk for late effects in survivors.

Sample Research Areas:

  • Evaluation of the impact of risk stratification of therapy on patterns of late effects.
  • Assessment of age-related physical function and health outcomes including assessment of accelerated aging.
  • Development of trials that utilize prediction models for precision prevention, leverage mHealth tools to enhance lifestyle modification, and employ electronic health record-based strategies to improve communication with primary care providers.
  • Development and implementation of test prediction models that leverage CCSS genetic data for precision prevention of adverse effects.

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