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Cancer Control and Intervention


The Cancer Control and Intervention Working Group facilitates use of the CCSS resource to promote innovative and high impact research in multiple areas including: (1) health behaviors; (2) health status; (3) health care utilization and late effects surveillance; (4) financial and social outcomes; and (5) interventions designed to promote early detection or reduce risk of late effects. Since cancer control is directly focused on reducing the long-term impact of cancer therapy on physical, psychological and social outcomes, the Working Group collaborates frequently with other Working Groups.

Sample Research Areas:

  • Development of mHealth-specific trials reduce risk factors for late-effects.
  • Analyses of the longitudinal changes in health care utilization and health status and behaviors and their association with adverse outcomes.
  • Analyses of the association of outcomes such as mortality, chronic disease, secondary neoplasms, and quality of life with health behaviors and health care practices.
  • Assessment of the health care received by survivors with a focus on their access to appropriate care, the quality of care they receive, and the costs of such care to survivors and the health care system with the goal of understanding how the health care that survivors receive impacts their risks for physical and psychological morbidity.

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