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Study Design Process

There's a two-step process to conduct research in the CCSS that includes 1) an Application of Intent (AOI) to conduct research in the CCSS and 2) completion of an Analysis Concept Proposal for review by the CCSS Publications Committee. Both steps are necessary to obtain approval.

Process Overview


Research Idea

Review questionnaires, data, biospecimen inventory, and related studies.


Application of Intent (AOI)

The Executive Committee will review the Application and assign a Working Group


Analysis Concept Proposal (Existing Data)


Develop Analysis Concept Proposal

Review and approval by the Research Publications Committee


Statistical Center/Analytical Queue


Ancillary Study (Collect New Data or Propose Intervention Study)


Develop Ancillary Study Proposal

Review and approval by the Executive Committee


Grant Proposal

Prepare and submit grant proposal for project funding


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