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Subsequent Neoplasm


The Subsequent Neoplasm Working Group is charged with oversight of complete and accurate ascertainment of subsequent malignant neoplasms and selected nonmalignant neoplasms in the CCSS cohort, including details of the histology and tumor location, using attained medical records. The Working Group promotes, coordinates, and facilitates research to establish the incidence of subsequent neoplasms (SNs), identifies populations at highest (and lowest) risk, determines host and therapeutic risk factors and characterizes temporal changes in patterns of SNs. The Working Group has had numerous collaborations with other CCSS Working Groups, including the Chronic Disease, Epidemiology/Biostatistics, and Cancer Control and Intervention Working Groups, and has developed national and international collaborations.

Sample Research Areas:

  • Evaluation of the changes in incidence of and risk factors, including obesity, for SNs based on temporal changes in primary therapy.
  • Identification of genetic susceptibility for specific SNs that modify risk conferred by therapeutic exposure, with the Genetics Working Group.
  • Development of studies to identify populations at high risk for SNs among aging survivors.
  • Describe treatment of SNs and associated toxicities and outcomes.

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