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Review CCSS Publications that include data collected by the CCSS. You can search by title, keyword, working group, journal abbreviation, and author.

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  • Cardiovascular risk factor disparities in adult survivors of childhood cancer compared with the general population


    Citation: 5(4):489-500

    Author(s): Noyd DH, Liu Q, Yasui Y, Chow EJ, Bhatia S, Nathan PC, Landstrom AP, Tonorezos E, Casillas J, Berkman A, Ness KK, Mulrooney DA, Leisenring WM, Howell CR, Shoag J, Kirchhoff A, Howell RM, Gibson TM, Zullig LL, Armstrong GT, Oeffinger KC

    Journal: JACC CardioOncol

  • Advancing Survivors Knowledge (ASK Study) of skin cancer surveillance after childhood cancer: a randomized controlled trial in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study


    Citation: 41(12):2269-2280

    Author(s): Geller AC, Coroiu A, Keske RR, Haneuse S, Davine JA, Emmons KM, Daniel CL, Gibson TM, McDonald AJ, Robison LL, Mertens AC, Elkin EB, Marghood A, Armstrong GT

    Journal: J Clin Oncol

  • Risk factors for overweight and obesity after childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in North America and Switzerland: a comparison of two cohort studies


    Citation: 12(20):20423-20436

    Author(s): Belle FN, Schindera C, Ansari M, Armstrong GT, Beck-Popovic M, Howell R, Leisenring W, Meacham LR, Rossler J, Spycher BD, Tonorezos E, von der Weid NX, Yasui Y, Oeffinger KC, Kuehni CE

    Journal: Cancer Med

  • Genome-wide association study identifies ROBO2 as a novel susceptibility gene for anthracycline-related cardiomyopathy in childhood cancer survivors


    Citation: 41(9):1758-1769

    Author(s): Wang X, Singh P, Zhou L, Sharafeldin N, Landier W, Hageman L, Burridge P, Yasui Y, Sapkota Y, Blanco JG, Oeffinger K, Hudson MM, Chow EJ, Armenian SH, Neglia JP, Ritchey AK, Hawkins DS, Ginsberg JP, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S

    Journal: J Clin Oncol

  • Targeted long-read sequencing of the Ewing sarcoma 6p25.1 susceptibility locus identifies germline-somatic interactions with EWSR1-FLI1 binding


    Citation: 110(3):427-441

    Author(s): Lee OW, Rodrigues C, Lin S, Luo W, Jones K, Brown DW, Zhou W, Karlins E, Khan SM, Baulande S, Raynal V, Surdez D, Reynaud S, Rubio RA, Zaidi S, Grossetête S, Ballet S, Lapouble E, Laurence V, Pierron G, Gaspar N, Corradini N, Marec-Bérard P, Rothman N, Dagnall CL, Burdett L, Manning M, Wyatt K, Yeager M, Chari R, Leisenring WM, Kulozik AE, Kriebel J, Meitinger T, Strauch K, Kirchner T, Dirksen U, Mirabello L, Tucker MA, Tirode F, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S, Robison LL, Yasui Y, Romero-Pérez L, Hartmann W, Metzler M, Diver WR, Lori A, Freedman ND, Hoover RN, Morton LM, Chanock SJ, Grünewald TGP, Delattre O, Machiela MJ

    Journal: Am J Hum Genet

  • Financial hardship in childhood cancer survivors treated with hematopoietic cell transplantation: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study


    Citation: 29(11):705.e1-705.e9

    Author(s): Buchbinder D, Bhatt NS, Wang H, Yasui Y, Armenian S, Bhatia S. Chow EJ, Huang I, Kirchoff AC, Leisenring W, Park ER, Yabroff KR, Armstrong GT, Nathan PC, Khera N

    Journal: Transplant Cell Ther

  • Emotional, behavioral, and physical health consequences of loneliness in young adult survivors of childhood cancer: results from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study


    Citation: 129(7):1117-1128

    Author(s): Papini C, Fayad AA, Wang M, Schulte FS, Huang I, Chang Y, Howell RM, Srivastava D, Leisenring WM, Armstrong GT, Gibson TM, Robison LL, Oeffinger KC, Krull KR, Brinkman TM

    Journal: Cancer

  • Cardiac substructure radiation dose and risk of late cardiac disease in survivors of childhood cancer: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study


    Citation: 41(22):3826-3838

    Author(s): Bates JE, Shrestha S, Liu Q, Smith SA, Mulrooney DA, Leisenring W, Gibson T, Robison LL, Chow EJ, Oeffinger KC, Armstrong GT, Constine LS, Hoppe BS, Lee C, Yasui Y, Howell RM

    Journal: J Clin Oncol

  • Cumulative burden of late, major surgical intervention in survivors of childhood cancer: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS) cohort


    Citation: 24(6):691-700

    Author(s): Dieffenbach BV, Murphy AJ, Liu Q, Ramsey DC, Geiger EJ, Diller LR, Howell RM, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Yasui Y, Armstrong GT, Chow EJ, Weil BR, Weldon CB

    Journal: Lancet Oncol

  • Late-onset cognitive impairment and modifiable risk factors in adult childhood cancer survivors


    Citation: 6(5):e2316077

    Author(s): Phillips NS, Stratton KL, Williams AL, Ahles T, Ness KK, Cohen HJ, Edelstein K, Yasui Y, Oeffinger K, Chow EJ, Howell RM, Robison LL, Armstrong GT, Leisenring WM, Krull KR

    Journal: JAMA Newt Open

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