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07/06/2021 – Primary Diagnosis and Second Malignancy

Recent CCSS Publications

  • Rotz SJ, Worley S, Hu B, Bazeley P, Baedke JL, Hudson MM, Kuo DJ, Oeffinger KC, Robison LL, Sahoo D, Wang F, Yasui Y, Armstrong GT, Bhatia S. Genome-wide association study of pregnancy in childhood cancer survivors: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2022; 31(9):1858-1862
  • Henderson TO, Bardwell JK, Moskowitz CS, McDonald A, Vukadinovich C, Lam H, Curry M, Oeffinger KC, Ford JS, Elkin EB, Nathan PC, Armstrong GT, Kim K. Implementing a mHealth intervention to increase colorectal cancer screening among high-risk cancer survivors treated with radiotherapy in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS). BMC Health Serv Res; 2022; 22(1):691
  • Chen C, Song N, Dong Q, Sun X, Mulder HL, Easton J, Zhang J, Yasui Y, Bhatia S, Armstrong GT, Wang H, Ness KK, Hudson MM, Robison LL, Wang Z. Association of Single-Nucleotide Variants in the human leukocyte antigen and other loci with childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma. JAMA Netw Open, 2022; 5(8):e2225647
  • Schulte F, Chen Y, Yasui Y, Ruiz ME, Leisenring WM, Gibson TM, Nathan PC, Oeffinger KC, Hudson MM, Armstrong GT, Robison LL, Krull KR, Huang I. Development and validation of models to predict poor health-related quality of life among adult survivors of childhood cancer. JAMA Netw Open, 2022; 5(8):2227225
  • Lu D, Sapkota Y, Valdimarsdóttir UA, Koenen KC, Li N, Leisenring WM, Gibson TM, Wilson CL, Robison LL, Hudson MM, Armstrong GT, Krull K, Yasui Y, Bhatia S, Recklitis CJ. Genome-wide association study of posttraumatic stress disorder among childhood cancer survivors: results from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort. Transl Psychiatry, 2022; 12(1):342

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