Public Access Data Tables

The following data tables present information on characteristics and outcomes from participants in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (CCSS). Each table contains data that is organized by type of cancer, gender, age at interview, years since diagnosis, age at diagnosis, and treatment type.

All questionnaires are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat software to open. 
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Data Tables

From Baseline Questionnaire

Chronic Conditions Through Follow-Up 6

Treatment Data from Medical Record Abstraction


Mortality Outcomes

These tables are in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded and saved to your computer. Each PDF contains bookmarks to allow easy navigation to specific characteristics or types of cancer within the file.

The outcomes or characteristics presented, such as educational attainment, insurance status, or functional limitations, are accompanied by a link to the corresponding questions in the CCSS questionnaire that were used to produce the data. Prior questionnaires used by CCSS can be accessed here.

If you present these data in papers, publications or grant applications, please cite the following reference source:

U24 CA55727 Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, Baseline Data, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,, based on data posted to CCSS website, February, 2016.

Importantly, if you have any questions about how the data variables were derived, or you would like to see other data tables presented, please contact Chris Vukadinovich (

These public access data tables represent our initial effort to make the CCSS data immediately available to the public. We would also very much appreciate any comments or thoughts you are willing to share on the usefulness of the data tables and/or the manner in which the data are presented. Your opinions or advice can be sent through the contact link shown above.

Thank you for your interest in childhood cancer survivorship and the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.