Second Malignancy

Gaps in Knowledge

Why do most patients not get a second neoplasm?

  • Host factors
    • Behaviors
    • Genetics
  • Tumor characteristics
  • What we can and cannot modify
  • Investigating links between the epidemiology and the underlying biology (e.g., XRT associated SNs)


  • Concepts that could be developed
    • Secondary breast CA biology
    • Other analysis of SN's
  • Host biology and risk of SN's
  • Planned comparisons of current and expanded CCSS cohort
  • Interventional studies
    • Breast
      • Behavioral
      • Biological
    • NMSS
      • Behavioral
      • Biological

Request for Submission of Topic-specific RFA

  • Biologically based
  • Specific aims should include:
    • Genetic predisposition (measure what you think is correct)
    • Correlation with therapy received
  • End result will increase our understanding of pathobiology of secondary neoplasia

Topics Under Discussion

  • Salivary gland tumors (international collaboration; Lead: Inskip)
  • SN's and Wilm's Tumor (international collaboration; Lead: Breslow)
  • Radiation sensitivity genes (Lead: Davis / Mertens)