Gaps in Knowledge, Future Opportunities

  • Evaluate genetic contribution to initial childhood cancer, multiple primary tumors and other late effects
    • Biospecimen repository up front for new cohort to include probands and parents, new samples on existing cohort
    • New focused web-based family history questionnaire for existing and expanded cohorts
    • Offspring cohort, biospecimens not dependent on proband survival
    • Genetic predisposition to complement the outstanding repository of data on childhood cancer, treatment and late effects
  • Tumor-specific genetic changes, dependent on tumor / normal resources
    • Tissue or histology specific?
    • Treatment specific?
    • Genetic predisposition-specific?
  • Genetic testing / counseling in Long-Term Survivor Study participants and families
  • Ethics and genetic testing in CCSS
  • "Biomarkers" of increased SMN genetic risk
  • Significance of change in cancer family history over time