Chronic Disease

Gaps in Knowledge

  • Renal outcomes
  • GI outcomes
  • Bone density in adult survivors
  • Fracture risk
  • Interaction between normal aging process and major organ dysfunction, especially cardiovascular
  • Interaction between cardiovascular risk factors (e.g., insulin resistance, dyslipidemia), direct organ damage from prior therapy (e.g., anthracycline, RT), and lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking, alcohol)

Opportunities for Proposals Using Existing Data

  • GI outcomes
  • Renal outcomes
  • Solid organ transplants
  • Infectious complications

Opportunities for Proposals Using Future Data

  • Interactions of cardiovascular risk factors, lifestyle choices, treatment exposures and cardiovascular mortality
  • Impact of aging on burden of chronic medical conditions
  • Incidence and risk factors for bone fracture
  • Renal / tubular dysfunction in expanded cohort

Opportunities for Ancillary Studies

  • Direct measurement studies
    • Assessment of markers for cardiovascular disease (e.g., fasting insulin / glucose, CRP, lipids) in subset of survivors
    • Assessment of bone mineral density in subset of survivors
    • Blood indices of chronic organ system dysfunction (e.g., BUN, creat)
  • Intervention studies to reduce risk (e.g., exercise, diet) in survivors at high risk for cardiovascular disease

Request for Submission of Topic-specific RFA

  • Studies designed to improve our understanding of the interaction between metabolic risk factors for CVD, cardiotoxic therapeutic exposures, and lifestyle choices on CVD disease and CV mortality
  • Studies designed to assess incidence of and risk factors for reduced BMD in adult survivors of childhood cancer

Topics Under Discussion

  • GI complications
  • GU complications
  • Genetic risk factors for ovarian failure