Cancer Control and Intervention

Topics Under Discussion

  • Health care utilization
    • Longitudinal¬†changes
    • Legacy vs. expansion cohort
  • Cost of survivorship
  • Cancer / medical screening
  • Health status
    • Longitudinal, relationship to chronic disease, health behaviors, health care practices

Request for Submission of Topic-specific RFA

  • Simple analyses
    • Continued descriptive analyses
    • More detailed analysis of "predictors"
    • Longitudinal changes (e.g., changing patterns of health behaviors, longitudinal¬†changes in health care utilization)
  • Complex analyses
    • Clustering of behaviors and practices (e.g., tobacco, alcohol and mammography)
    • Outcomes (mortality, chronic disease, SMN, QL) associated with health behaviors and health care practices*

* Collaboration with Chronic Disease, Second Malignancy, and Biostatistics/Epidemiology working groups.