Biostatistics Epidemiology

Opportunities for Proposals Using Existing Data

  • Comparison of similar data elements collected at baseline for original cohort vs. expansion cohort
  • Interval censoring issues: Combining survey outcomes with NDI mortality endpoints
  • Task force for feasibility study to recruit for clinical research investigations

Opportunities for Proposals Using Future Data

  • Additional data collected for validation purposes
  • Assessment of medical record data quality between the original and expanded cohorts
  • Differences of participant characteristics between the original and expanded studies
  • Changes in treatment characteristics from the original to the expanded studies

Opportunities for Ancillary Studies

  • Recruitment strategies for survivors and siblings eligible for CCSS expansion
  • Strategies for retention of expansion cohort once enrolled

Request for Submission of Topic-specific RFA

  • Methodological issues in long-term follow-up cohort studies (statistical, epidemiological, clinical research methodological issues)
  • Collaboration / comparison of data with other studies
    • Mike Hawkins, University of Birmingham
    • Mary McBride, BC Cancer Agency
    • Denmark, Germany, Japan

Topics Under Discussion

Patterns of participation - who responds by mail, telephone, internet?

  • Are there differences between groups?
  • Can we predict who prefers what method?