Process Overview

There is a two-step process for submission of a study concept that includes: 1) an Application of Intent (AOI) to conduct research in the CCSS and 2) completion of an Analysis Concept Proposal for review by the CCSS Publications Committee. Both steps will be necessary before final concept approval will be granted by the Publications Committee.

Graphic illustration of the AOI process

In order to facilitate the development of a new concept, investigators are first asked to complete a brief Application of Intent to conduct research in the CCSS. This application may be filled out and submitted online to the CCSS Principal Investigator. An example of an AOI is provided below. This AOI will be reviewed by all working group chairs prior to approval for development of an analysis concept proposal and prior to final working group assignment. Once approved, an investigator will be notified regarding acceptance of the AOI and working group designation. The chair of the designated Working Group will be available to assist in the development of the Analysis Concept Proposal for submission to the Publications Committee.

Two distinct catetories of request are defined.

  1. Concept Proposals - those requests for whom CCSS Data already collected are proposed.
  2. Ancillary Studies - those requests for ancillary studies where additional data not currently available would need to be collected.

Both the Concept Proposal and Ancillary Study require an Application of Intent (AOI). An example of a completed AOI can be found here.