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Applications of Intent (AOI) to Conduct Research

Concept Proposal and Ancillary Study submissions require completion of an online Application of Intent (AOI) form. An example of a completed AOI can be found here.

The table below is a list of CCSS Applications of Intent (AOI). You can search these AOIs by using one or both methods below:

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*Institution Key: SJCRH - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; CHOA - Children's Hospital of Atlanta; MSKCC - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; NCI - National Cancer Institute; FHRC - Fred Hutchinson Research Center; UCLA - University California Los Angeles; UCSF - University California San Francisco. 

Date Received Title Author/ Institution Primary Working Group Secondary Working Group(s) Date Investigator Notified AOI Outcome Concept to Publication Committee
05.21.2008 The Influence of Geographical Proximity to a Cancer Center on Risk Based Care among Childhood Cancer Survivors Caplin/Utah
Cancer Control   06.10.2008 Approved Approved
05.27.2008 Longitudinal Changes in Health Status Hudson/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.02.2008 Risk-Based Health Evaluation of CCSS Participants (CPIR) Green/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.05.2008 A Comparison of Functional Outcomes between Sarcoma Survivors with Surgery or Radiation As Their Local Control Marina/Stanford Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.05.2008 Physical Activity in Lower Extremity Sarcoma Survivors with Amputation Ness/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.05.2008 A Comparison of Functional Outcomes between UE and LE Sarcoma Survivors Marina/Stanford Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.05.2008 Neurocognitive Problems and Health Behavior Outcomes Krull/SJCRH Cancer Control Psychology 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.18.2008 Understanding Health Care Utilization Patterns and Changes Occurring over a Decade: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Casillias/UCLA
Cancer Control   07.16.2008 Approved Approved
10.14.2008 Investigating the Needs of Childhood Cancer Survivors: Understanding Residual Treatment Effects (INSURE) Cox/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease 11.12.2008 Approved Approved
04.07.2009 Predictors of Smokeless Tobacco Use among Survivors of Childhood Cancer Klosky/SJCRH Cancer Control   05.12.2009 Approved Approved
06.21.2009 Mental Health and Tobacco Use Among Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Longitudinal Analysis Lown/Alcohol Research Group Cancer Control Psychology 07.10.2009 Approved Approved
08.06.2009 Identifying Intervention Targets to Increase Mammography Screening among At-Risk Childhood Cancer Survivors Cox/SJCRH Cancer Control SMN 09.09.2009 Approved Approved
11.13.2009 Prevalence and Predictors of Smoking Cessation in Childhood Cancer Survivors Gibson/SJCRH Cancer Control   12.22.2009 Approved Approved
02.12.2010 Mental Health, Tobacco & Alcohol use in Survivors and Siblings (Ancillary Study) Lown/Alcohol Research Group Cancer Control   03.03.2010 Approved Not Funded
03.08.2010 Determinants of Employment Stone/UCLA Cancer Control     Withdrawn due to overlap  
06.10.2010 Longitudinal assessment of physical activity Ness/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 06.25.2010 Approved Approved
03.16.2011 Diet and insulin resistance in survivors of childhood leukemia Tonorezos/Sloan Kettering Cancer Control Chronic Disease 03.29.2011 Approved Not Approved
03.16.2011 Risk reduction strategies to prevent of subsequent skin cancer Geller/Harvard Cancer Control SMN & Epi/Biostats 03.29.2011 Approved Approved
03.22.2011 Longitudinal changes of Health Risk Factor Clusters and Relationship to Morbidity in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Hijiya/Northwestern Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 04.13.2011 Approved Approved
04.13.2011 Modifiable lifestyle factors and risk of a secondary breast cancer Rosenberg/Harvard Cancer Control SMN   Withdrawn  
04.14.2011 Cost-effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Survivors Treated with Abdominal Radiation Therapy Hodgson/Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Control SMN 05.30.2011 Approved Pending
06.15.2011 Chronic Health Conditions and Employment Status Transitions for Childhood Cancer Survivors Kirchhoff/Huntsman Cancer Institute Salt Lake City Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.26.2011 Approved Approved
06.30.2011 The impact of location and type of follow-up care on morbidity and mortality in childhood cancer survivors Nathan/Sick Kids Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Epi/Biostats 07.13.2011 Approved Withdrawn
08.01.2011 Health behaviors and Mammogram Utilization in the CCSS Rosenberg/Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Control Psychology 08.16.2011 Approved Approved
09.09.2011 The Health System Use and Cost Implications of Amputation vs. Limb Salvage Surgery Conti/University of Chicago Cancer Control Psychology 09.23.2011 Approved Withdrawn
09.29.2011 Colorectal Screening Practices of Survivors of Childhood Cancer at Risk for Secondary Colorectal Malignancies Kohler/UAB Cancer Control SMN & Psychology 11.07.2011 Approved Approved
12.02.2011 Health Status Outcomes in Survivors of Hodgkin Lymphoma Marina/Stanford Cancer Control     Withdrawn  
12.06.2011 Evaluation of the association between lifestyle factors and pregnancy outcomes Gawade/SJCRH Cancer Control Epi/Biostats & Psychology 01.04.2012 Approved Approved
12.09.2011 Information Needs of Childhood Cancer Survivors and their Families Mendonca/U. of Wisconsin Cancer Control Epi/Biostats 01.04.2012 Approved Not Approved
01.27.2012 Influence of lifestyle on site-specific cumulative incidence for second primary malignancies in five-year survivors of a childhood cancer Kovalchik/NIH Cancer Control SMN 03.07.2012 Withdrawn  
03.01.2012 Tobacco Use Among Adult Siblings of Childhood Cancer Survivors Buchbinder/CHOC Cancer Control Psychology 03.21.2012 Approved Approved
04.26.2012 Association Between Exercise Behavior and Incidence of non-cancer Chronic Health Conditions Jones/Duke Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 05.10.2012 Approved Approved
06.07.2012 Receipt of a Treatment Summary and its relationship to morbidities and premature mortality Ford/MSKCC Cancer Control   07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.07.2012 Association of Surgical Procedure to Health Status in Sarcoma Survivors Avedian/Stanford Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.20.2012 The Consequences of Childhood Cancer on Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and Social Security Benefits Kirchhoff/Utah Cancer Control   07.16.2012 Approved Approved
07.11.2012 Survival Burden in Childhood Cancer Survivors Henderson/Univ. of Chicago Cancer Control Chronic Disease & SMN 08.28.2012 Withdrawn  
09.11.2012 Longitudinal Evaluation of Chronic Disease and Health Perceptions in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivors Mueller/Univ. of Michigan Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 09.18.2012 Approved Approved
09.17.2012 The socio-economic outcomes of siblings of childhood cancer survivors Henderson/Univ. of Chicago
Cancer Control   10.05.2012 Approved On hold
10.24.2012 Cancer Screening in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Grounded Theory and Discourse Analysis Tripp/MD Anderson Cancer Control   11.20.2012 Approved Withdrawn
11.01.2012 Evaluating socioeconomic and health-related pathways that predict smoking in survivors of childhood cancer Erinosho/UNC Cancer Control Psychology 11.20.2012 Approved Withdrawn
11.19.2012 Health Beliefs and Behaviors: Cohort Studies in Childhood Cancer Survivors Henderson/University of Chicago Cancer Control SMN 01.10.2013 Approved Pending
05.21.2013 Health Status Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer by Treatment Era Ness/SJCRH Cancer Control   05.30.2013 Approved Approved
05.21.2013 The impact of chronic disease on health care utilization in the CCSS cohort Nathan/Sick Kids Cancer Control   05.30.2013 Approved Approved
06.10.2013 Social Outcomes in Aging Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors Effinger/Stanford Cancer Control   07.23.2013 Not Approved  
07.07.2013 EQUAL: Exercise and QUality diet After Leukemia Tonorezos/MSKCC Cancer Control SMN & Psychology 07.24.2013 Approved Approved
08.05.2013 Longitudinal Evaluation of Health Status and Social Functioning in Survivors of Pediatric Astrocytomas Effinger/Stanford Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Psychology 08.19.2013 Approved Approved
08.06.2013 Examining the Role of Transitional Care in Facilitating Quality Clinical Health Care and Preventive Services for Adults Survivors of of Childhood Cancer Mertens/Emory Cancer Control     On Hold On Hold
08.09.2013 Health Care Utilization for Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Mueller/U. of Michigan Cancer Control Chronic Disease 08.19.2013 Approved Approved
08.30.2013 The impact of endocrine disorders on physical activity and functional outcomes Pradhan/Riley Cancer Control Psychology & Chronic Disease 09.26.2013 Approved Approved
09.24.2013 Behavioral and Psychosocial Predictors of Health Behaviors among Adolescent/Young Adult Survivors Wu/Univ. of Utah Cancer Control Psychology 10.07.2013 Withdrawn  
10.23.2013 Social support and health care utilization Wu/Univ. of Utah Cancer Control Psychology & Chronic Disease 11.07.2013 Approved Pending
11.02.2013 Stages of Change and Predictors of Mammography Practices of Female Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Siblings Szalda/CHOP Cancer Control   12.05.2013 Approved Approved
01.05.2014 Does intention to undergo screening mammography predict future screening? Ford/MSKCC Cancer Control SMN 02.11.2014 Approved Pending
01.06.2014 Longitudinal Mammogram Practices Moskowitz/MSKCC Cancer Control SMN 02.11.2014 Approved Approved
04.23.2014 ECHOS, Ancillary Study Hudson/SJCRH Cancer Control   04.23.2014 Approved Approved
04.23.2014 EMPOWER Study: Promoting BC Screening in Women WHo Survived Childhood Cancer, Ancillary Study Oeffinger/MSKCC Cancer Control SMN 04.23.2014 Approved Approved
09.02.2014 Patient-reported Concerns Gibson/SJCRH Cancer Control Epi/Biostats & Psychology 09.21.2014 Approved Approved
10.06.2014 Physical Functioning in Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Survivors Le/Yale Cancer Control   10.06.2014 Approved Pending
10.17.2014 Financial Burden of Medical Care Fair/University of Utah Cancer Control Chronic Disease 10.06.2014 Approved Approved
11.24.2014 Understanding Experiences of Childhood Cancer Survivors after ACA Implementation, Ancillary Study Park/Harvard Cancer Control Chronic Disease 12.17.2014 Approved Approved
11.24.2014 Financial Burden in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Nip/Harvard Cancer Control   12.17.2014 Approved Approved
12.05.2014 Health Status in Extremity Sarcoma Survivors Marina/Stanford Cancer Control Chronic Disease 12.23.2014 Approved Pending
12.05.2014 Trajectory of Mammography and Breast MRI among High Risk Women Ford/MSKCC Cancer Control   12.23.2014 Approved Pending
06.11.2015 Effects of Home-based Interval Training on Fitness and Physical Activity Ness/SJCRH Cancer Control Chronic Disease & Epi/Biostats 08.12.2015 Approved Pending
11.20.2015 Return of Genomic Results to Research Participants: A CCSS Ancillary Study Henderson/University of Chicago Cancer Control Genetics Psychology 12.02.2015 Approved Approved
11.20.2015 Advancing Skin Cancer Screening Practices among Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Skin Cancer (ASK2) Geller/Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Control SMN 12.02.2015 Approved Approved
01.21.2016 EMPOWER II Study: Promoting BC Screening in Female Survivors and Their Physicians Oeffnger, Ford/MSKCC Cancer Control SMN 02.23.2016 Approved Approved
11.22.2016 Compliance with Surveillance for SMNs and Cardiac Dysfunction in CCSS Nathan/Hospital for Sick Children Cancer Control Chronic Disease
12.08.2016 Approved Pending
12.06.2016 Exercise and Late Mortality in 5-Year Survivors of Childhood Cancer Jones/MSKCC Cancer Control Chronic Disease
12.16.2016 Approved Pending
03.07.2017 Health Care Utilization and Estimated Costs Among Survivors of Childhood Cancer Nathan/Sick Kids Cancer Control Chronic Disease
04.04.2017 Approved Pending
06.07.2017 Intervening on Reproductive Health in Young Adult Leukemia and Lymphoma Survivors Su/University of California at San Diego Cancer Control Chronic Disease 07.25.2017 Approved Pending
07.28.2017 Improving Delivery of Genetic Services to High Risk Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Study Henderson/University of Chicago Cancer Control Genetics 08.11.2017 Approved Pending
05.02.2008 Genitourinary Complications in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Shnorhavorian/FHRC Chronic Disease   06.10.2008 Approved Approved
06.05.2008 The Risk of Osteoporosis and Fracture among Survivors of Childhood Cancer Kadan-Lottick/Yale University Chronic Disease   06.15.2008 Approved Approved
06.06.2008 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and CV Events Meacham/Emory University Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 07.16.2008 Approved Approved
06.06.2008 Solid Organ Transplantation in 5-year Survivors of Childhood Cancer Termuhlen/Nationwide Children's Hospital Chronic Disease   07.11.2008 Approved Approved
06.11.2008 Infectious Complications in Childhood Cancer Survivors Perkins/Children's Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota Chronic Disease   07.11.2008 Approved Approved
06.12.2008 A Comparison of Mortality and Morbidity in Hodgkin's Survivors of Contemporary Therapy Castellino/Wake Forest University Chronic Disease SMN 07.11.2008 Approved Pending
06.13.2008 Determination of Risk Factors for Stroke Among Survivors of Childhood Hodgkin's Disease - A Case: Control Study Bowers/U.T. Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Chronic Disease   07.11.2008 Approved Withdrawn
07.01.2008 Adverse Neurologic Sequelae Are Predictors of Poor Outcome in Survivors of Childhood Central Nervous System Tumors and Leukemia: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Ulrich/Children's Hospital Boston/Dana-Farber Cancer Center Chronic Disease Psychology 08.11.2008 Approved Withdrawn
09.02.2008 Long-term Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Comparison of Conventional Therapy and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) Armenian/City of Hope Chronic Disease Psychology, Cancer Control, & Epi/Biostats 09.19.2008 Approved Approved
09.25.2008 Fertility of Female Survivors of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Green/SJCRH Chronic Disease   10.14.2008 Approved Approved
11.11.2008 Late DVT Risk in Cancer Survivors Setia/Memorial Sloan Kettering Chronic Disease   12.02.2008 Approved Withdrawn
03.11.2009 Creation of a Risk Score Algorithm to Predict Individual Risk of Future Serious Cardiovascular Disease Chow/FHRC Chronic Disease Cancer Control 04.03.2009 Approved Approved
06.11.2009 Outcome of Pregnancies Exposed to Cancer Therapy Mulvihill/U. of Oklahoma Chronic Disease Genetics 07.10.2009 Approved Approved
06.19.2009 The Multifactorial Etiology of Obesity among CCSS Participants Green/SJCRH Chronic Disease Psychology 07.10.2009 Approved Approved
07.14.2009 Renal Outcomes Nottage/SJCRH Chronic Disease     Withdrawn due to overlap  
09.08.2009 Pulmonary complications in Long-term Survivors of Childhood CNS Tumors with Craniospinal Irradiation Tein/SJCRH Chronic Disease Psychology 10.06.2009 Approved Approved
11.09.2009 Diseases of the Thyroid Gland Associated with Radiation Therapy: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Viega/NCI Chronic Disease SMN 11.20.2009 Approved Approved
01.29.2010 Longitudinal Assessment of Chronic Health Conditions Armstrong/SJCRH Chronic Disease   02.12.2010 Approved Approved
02.26.2010 Health and Functional Status of Long Term Adult Medulloblastoma Survivors King/Wash. U. Chronic Disease Psychology & SMN 03.31.2010 Approved Approved
03.04.2010 Health Status of Older Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Kenney/DFCI Chronic Disease Psychology & Epi/Biostats 03.31.2010 Approved Pending
04.20.2010 Scoring Alkylating Agent Exposure: Evaluation of the Cyclophosphamide Equivalent Dose Score Green/SJCRH Chronic Disease SMN & Epi/Biostats 05.18.2010 Approved Approved
05.12.2010 Evaluation of Long-Term Outcomes in Ewing Sarcoma Survivors Marina/Stanford Chronic Disease SMN 06.17.2010 Approved Approved
06.10.2010 Neurologic and Neurosensory Deficits in Long-term Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors: Occurrence of New Deficits and Effects of Aging in Occurrence as Assessed in 2007 Survey Wells/Children's National Chronic Disease SMN & Psychology 06.25.2010 Approved Approved
06.24.2010 Premature Menopause in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Levine/Columbia Chronic Disease   07.06.2010 Approved Approved
11.05.2010 Infertility and Use of Fertility Treatments Barton/Brigham & Women's Chronic Disease   11.23.2010 Approved Approved
02.18.2011 BMI and Diabetes Mellitus in Survivors of ALL Tonorezos/MSKCC Chronic Disease Cancer Control 03.16.2011 Approved Not Approved
04.22.2011 Changes in BMI Among Adult Survivors of Childhood CNS Tumors Chang/MD Anderson Chronic Disease Psychology 05.03.2011 Approved Approved
05.23.2011 Longitudinal Analysis of Outcomes for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivors Dilley/Northwestern Chronic Disease Cancer Control 05.30.2011 On Hold Withdrawn
05.06.2012 Chronic Medical Conditions Among Long-term Survivors of Pediatric Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Bluhm/Washington Hospital Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats & Psychology   On Hold  
06.07.2012 Longitudinal Pulmonary Complications in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Dietz/UCSD Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.07.2012 Using the Cumulative Illness Rating Scale to characterize the burden of chronic conditions among childhood cancer survivors Esbenshade/SJCRH Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.07.2012 Increasing risk of chronic endocrine disorders in aging survivors of childhood cancer Mostoufi-Moab/CHOP Chronic Disease   07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.15.2012 Medical and Psychosocial Outcomes of Survivors of AYA Cancer Suh/University of Chicago Chronic Disease Cancer Control & Psychology 07.16.2012 Approved Approved
06.16.2012 Morbidity and Mortality Associated with the Diagnosis of Subsequent Meningiomas – Is it Necessary to Screen Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Survivors for Meningiomas? Bowers/UT Southwestern Chronic Disease SMN 07.16.2012 Approved Approved
08.20.2012 Long-term Risk of Small Bowel Obstruction in Pediatric Patients with Primary Abdominal Tumors Diller/Harvard Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 08.28.2012 Approved Approved
05.31.2013 Changes in Long-Term Outcomes in Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors with Contemporary Risk-Adapted Therapy Oeffinger/MSKCC Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats, SMN, & Cancer Control 07.23.2013 Approved Approved
06.10.2013 Effects of Body Mass Index on Aging Childhood Cancer Survivors Effinger/Stanford Chronic Disease Cancer Control 07.23.2013 Not Approved  
07.31.2013 Predictors of Hypertension in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Ojha/SJCRH Chronic Disease Psychology & Epi/Biostats 08.19.2013 Approved Pending
09.27.2013 Anthracycline Equivalence Feijen/Emma Children's Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 10.14.2013 Approved Approved
09.27.2013 Fertility following Contemporary Chemotherapy Chow/Univ. of Washington Chronic Disease   10.14.2013 Approved Approved
11.07.2013 Estimating the burden of disease associated with late-effects among childhood cancer survivors Yeh/Harvard Chronic Disease   12.05.2013 Approved Approved
11.16.2013 Updated prevalence of long-term survivors of childhood cancer and estimated burden of morbidity using SEER and CCSS Phillips/NCI Chronic Disease Psychology 12.05.2013 Approved Withdrawn
12.11.2013 Analysis of dose response for circulatory disease in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Cohort with a focus on non-cardiac doses Little/NCI Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 01.16.2014 Approved Withdrawn
09.02.2014 Chronic Health Conditions in Survivors Treated with Abdominal Radiation Friedman/MSKCC Chronic Disease SMN 09.21.2014 Approved Approved
10.16.2014 Comparison of Risks of Long-Term Outcomes with the British CCSS Fidler/Unviersity of Birmingham, UK Chronic Disease SMN & Epi/Biostats 10.28.2014 Approved Approved
11.11.2014 Long term cardiovascular mortality of childhood cancer survivors - safety and efficacy of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) Iliescu/MD Anderson Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 12.01.2014 Approved Pending
11.11.2014 Esophageal strictures after childhood cancer therapy: Experience from three childhood cancer survivor cohorts Asdahl/Aarhus University Chronic Disease   12.01.2014 Approved Approved
11.25.2014 Racial variations in Renal Function after nephrectomy for Wilms Tumor Christison-Legay/Yale Chronic Disease   12.23.2014 Approved Pending
12.05.2014 BMI in Survivors Diagnosed 1970-99 and Siblings: Prevalence and Risk Factors Patterson/Emory Chronic Disease   12.23.2014 Approved Pending
12.05.2014 Long-term Morbidity in Survivors of CML Hijiya/Northwestern Chronic Disease     On Hold  
12.19.2014 Improving Assessment and Treatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Ancillary Study Chow/Univ. of Washington Chronic Disease Cancer Control 01.15.2015 Approved Approved
01.27.2014 Cardiac Outcomes in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Cancer Mulrooney/SJCRH Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 02.22.2015 Approved Approved
01.27.2015 Chronic Health Conditions in Survivors of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Ehrhardt/SJCRH Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 02.22.2015 Approved Approved
05.05.2015 Assessment of Hearing Impairment in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Cancer Brown/Baylor Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 05.25.2015 Approved Approved
Analysis of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as a Modifier of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Raghunathan/MSKCC Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 06.18.2015 Approved Pending
06.09.2015 Chronic Medical Conditions and Late Mortality Among Survivors of Pediatric Bone Sarcomas Daw/MD Anderson Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 07.06.2015 Approved Pending
06.11.2015 Incidence of Chronic Disease Among Survivors by Treatment Era and Temporal Trends in Treatment Exposure Gibson/SJCRH Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 08.12.2015 Approved Approved
07.21.2015 Changes in Long-Term Outcomes in Neuroblastoma Survivors Treated with Contemporary Therapies Friedman/MSKCC Chronic Disease Cancer Control & SMN 08.12.2015 Approved Pending
08.03.2015 Anthracycline Equivalence II Feijen/Emma Children's/AMC Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 08.30.2015 Approved Approved
08.04.2015 Impact of Childhood Cancer and Treatment on Sperm Quality Delbes/NRS Chronic Disease   08.30.2015 Approved Pending
08.12.2015 Gallbladder Surgery among Childhood Cancer Survivors Barnea/MSKCC Chronic Disease   08.30.2015 Approved Pending
08.13.2015 The Role of Development Status in the Dose Response Relationship of Cardiac Radiation and Cardiac Toxicity Bates/Univ. of Rochester Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 08.30.2015 Approved Approved
08.21.2015 Long-term Incidence of Venous Thromboembolism among Survivors of Childhood Cancer Madenci/Boston Children's Hosp Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 09.08.2015 Approved Approved
08.21.2015 Long-term Incidence of Complications from Surgical Asplenia among Survivors of Childhood Cancer Weil/Boston Children's Hosp Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats & SMN 09.08.2015 Approved Approved
08.26.2015 Dietary Intake and Risk of Subsequent Cardiometabolic Complications in Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Marcil/Sainte-Justine Univ. Health Center Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 09.15.2015 Approved On Hold
08.31.2015 Long-term Morbidity in Survivors of Childhood CML Williams/Lurie Children's-Northwestern Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats, Psychology & SMN 09.15.2015 Approved  Pending
09.09.2015 Medulloblastoma and Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor (PNET) Outcomes Across Three Decades of Diagnosis Salloum/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats, Psychology & SMN 09.21.2015 Approved Pending
09.10.2015 Mortality and Morbidity in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Comparing Results from the CCSS and a Nationwide Cohort in Taiwan Yu/Taipei Cancer Center Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats & SMN 09.21.2015 Approved Pending
09.16.2015 Incidence of Late Anorectal Complications Among Childhood Cancer Survivors Weldon/Boston Chidlren's Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 09.21.2015 Approved Approved
10.14.2015 Comprehensive Comparative Analysis of Chronic Haalth Conditions, Health Status, Social Outcomes, and Mortality in Patients with Rhabdomyosarcoma by Treatment Era Hingorani/Phoenix Children's Hospital Chronic Disease Cancer Control, Epi/Biostats 11.30.2015 Approved Pending
12.08.2015 Developing a Microsimulation Model of the Lifetime Clinical Course of Childhood Cancer Yeh/Harvard School of Public Health Chronic Disease Genetics & Epi/Biostats 01.20.2016 Approved Approved


Statin Therapy and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence in Childhood Cancer Survivors Raghunathan/MSKCC Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 04.22.2016 Approved Pending
04.09.2016 Long-term Fertility Outcomes Following Ovarian Transposition Glick/Cohen’s Children Med Center Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 04.22.2016 Not Approved  
05.03.2016 Cardiometabolic Outcomes Among Survivors of Childhood and Young Adult Cancer Tonorezos/MSKCC Chronic Disease Cancer Control 05.16.2016 Approved Pending
05.23.2016 Health Related Outcomes After Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Roth/Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Chronic Disease SMN & Psychology 06.10.2016 Approved Pending
07.25.2016 Reproductive Outcomes for Survivors of Childhood Cancer Woodruff/Northwestern Chronic Disease  Epi/Biostats  08.24.2016 Approved Pending
08.24.2016 Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technology Utilization and Pregnancy Outcomes: A CCSS and SART CORS data linkage study Keefe/Brigham and Woman’s Hospital Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 09.06.2016 Approved Pending
02.07.2017 The Impact of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy on the Cardiovascular Health Burden in Childhood Cancer Survivors Kero/Turku University Hospital Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 02.09.2017 Not Approved  
06.15.2017 Impact of Modifiable Lifestyle Behaviors on Risk of Serious Chronic Conditions and Evaluation of Interactions with Treatment Exposures Gibson/SJCRH Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 07.31.2017 Approved Pending
07.04.2017 Outcomes Across Three Decades of Diagnosis for Bone Tumors Prasad/LSU Chronic Disease SMN, Cancer Control, Epi/Biostats 08.11.2017 On Hold  
07.24.2017 Changes in Risk and Outcomes of Stroke in Survivors with Changing Treatment Protocols Sun/Johns Hopkins Chronic Disease Psychology 08.11.2017 Approved Pending
09.04.2017 Prevalence and risk of frailty in survivors of childhood cancer Gibosn/SJCRH Chronic Disease Psychology 09.20.2017 Approved Pending
09.15.2017 Long-term outcomes among survivors of childhood Ewing Sarcoma Weldon/ Boston Children’s  Chronic Disease SMN & Epi/Biostats 09.29.2017 Approved Pending
09.26.2017 Risk factors for overweight and obesity in U.S. and Swiss acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivors: a CCSS and SCCSS study Kuehni/ University of Berm Chronic Disease Epi/Biostats 10.13.2017 Approved Pending
10.19.2017 The impact of chronic health conditions on sexual dysfunction in female childhood cancer survivors Bjornard/ SJCRH Chronic Disease Psychology 11.01.2017 Approved Pending
04.21.2008 Conditional Survival in Pediatric and Adolescent Malignancies Wasilewski-Masker/Emory/CHOA Epi/Biostats   06.10.2008 Approved Approved
04.21.2008 Analysis of Late Mortality by Treatment Era: Brief Report Armstrong/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   06.10.2008 Approved Not Approved
06.19.2008 Cardiac Mortality Armstrong/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   07.16.2008 Approved Approved
09.23.2008 Assessing Bias Associated with Missing Data from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Huang/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   10.14.2008 Approved Hold
05.26.2009 Cost Effectiveness of Cardiac Guideline for Survivors of Pediatric Cancers Wong/City of Hope Epi/Biostats   06.10.2009 Approved Approved
10.07.2009 Computational Dose Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Patients after Hodgkin Lymphoma: Dose Comparison and Sensitivity Study Lee/NCI Epi/Biostats SMN 11.05.2009 Not Approved  
11.16.2009 Congenital Heart Disease Gruber/U. of Michigan Epi/Biostats Genetics 12.22.2009 Approved Not Approved
2.12.2009 Predicting Late Effects of Individual Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Methodological Study Yasui/Edmonton Alberta Epi/Biostats   3.16.2009 Approved Approved
5.12.2009 Impact of Health Behavirs and Health Perceptions on Subsequent Mortality in Childhood Cancer Cox/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   5.28.2009 Approved Approved
06.18.2010 Long-term outcomes in survivors of retinoblastoma (the New York cohort): a comparison of survivors versus non-cancer controls Dunkel/MSKCC Epi/Biostats   07.01.2010 Approved Approved
01.20.2014 Late Mortality by Treatment Era Armstrong/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   02.11.2014 Approved Approved
10.27.2010 Prediction of Risk of Serious Health Conditions Salz/MSKCC Epi/Biostats   11.10.2010 Approved Pending
11.19.2010 Exercise and prevention of late cardiac outcomes after anthracyclines Ryerson/Emory Epi/Biostats Chronic Disease & Cancer Control 12.10.2010 Approved Approved
05.16.2011 Cost Effectiveness of COG Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines for Female Survivors of Pediatric Cancers Wong/City of Hope Epi/Biostats SMN & Cancer Control 06.02.2011 Approved Approved
06.13.2011 Predictors of Healthy Aging Ness/SJCRH Epi/Biostats SMN, Chronic Disease, Genetics, Psychology & Cancer Control 07.13.2011 Approved Pending
09.08.2011 Statistical Analysis of a Mixture of Recurrent Event and Panel Count data Zhu/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   09.23.2011 Approved Approved
10.06.2011 Estimating long-term risks in children newly diagnosed with ALL based on survivor clusters in the CCSS cohort Essig/University of Bern Epi/Biostats Cancer Control, Chronic Disease & SMN 11.07.2011 Approved Approved
05.15.2012 Predicting the risk of SMN among childhood cancer survivors with NMSC as a second malignancy Ojha/SJCRH Epi/Biostats SMN 06.13.2012 Withdrawn  
07.16.2012 Access to Health Information Technology and Health Information Seeking in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Mertens/SJCRH Epi/Biostats Cancer Control 08.28.2012 Approved Approved
12.12.2012 Estimation of risk ratios in the presence of statistical interactions Satagopan/MSKCC Epi/Biostats   01.10.2013 Approved Approved
01.14.2014 Risk of Cardiovascular disease and Second Malignancies attributable to therapeutic exposures by Treatment Era Bhatia/UAB Epi/Biostats SMN & Chronic Disease 02.11.2014 Approved Pending
01.14.2014 Association between key therapeutic exposures and outcomes - gaps in knowledge Bhatia/UAB Epi/Biostats SMN & Chronic Disease 02.11.2014 Approved Pending
04.02.2014 Differences in participant characteristics and changes in treatment characteristics from the original to the expanded cohorts  Mertens/Emory Epi/Biostats   04.23.2014 Approved Approved
04.05.2014 Tiled study design: using temporal overlap as a method to extend longitudinal follow-up among carefully selected time-limited cohorts Chow/University of Washington Epi/Biostats Chronic Disease 04.23.2014 Approved Approved
05.19.2014 Use of an incentive to increase biologic sample (Oragene) return rate McDonald/SJCRH Epi/Biostats   06.20.2014 Approved Approved
08.15.2014 Differences in Long-Term Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity in Childhood Cancer Survivors Liu/University of Alberta Epi/Biostats   09.04.2014 Approved Approved
11.11.2014 Relationships of persistent symptoms with relapse, SMN, and mortality Huang/SJCRH Epi/Biostats SMN, Chronic Disease & Psychology 12.01.2014 Approved Pending
04.02.2015 Dosimetric Uncertainty in Radiation Dose Reconstruction Method used for CCSS Howell/MD Anderson Epi/Biostats   04.26.2014 Approved Approved
05.29.2015 Clinical Utilities of Various Prediction Performance Measures Yuan/University of Alberta Epi/Biostats   06.18.2015 Approved Approved
07.17.2015 Burden of Morbidity after Basal Cell Carcinoma Bhatia/UAB Epi/Biostats Chronic Disease, Genetics & SMN 08.12.2015 Approved Approved
10.04.2015 Statistical Analysis for Various Outcome Measures in Recurrent Event Studies - Ancillary Zhu/St. Jude Epi/Biostats   10.15.2015 Approved Approved
01.19.2016 Individual Prediction of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency- ANCILLARY Yuan/University of Alberta Epi/Biostats   02.05.2016 Approved Approved
10.06.2016 Trends in life expectancy and quality-adjusted life expectancy among childhood cancer survivors Yeh/Boston Children’s Hospital Epi/Biostats Chronic Disease
10.28.2016 Approved Pending
10.18.2016 Cost-effective cardiomyopathy surveillance strategies in childhood cancer survivors Ehrhardt/SJCRH Epi/Biostats Chronic Disease
Cancer Control
11.14.2016 Approved Pending
01.05.2017 Statistical Methods for GWAS Analysis of Recurrent-event Data in Cancer Study Zhu/University of Texas Health Science Center Epi/Biostats Genetics 01.23.2017 Approved Pending
06.28.2017 A Personalized Cumulative Burden Prediction Tool for Second Neoplasms Bhakta/SJCRH Epi/Biostats SMN 07.31.2017 Approved Pending
  GWAS of SMNs after Hodgkin Lymphoma Onel/U. of Chicago Genetics SMN   Approved Approved
  Genetic Epidemiology of Basal Cell Carcinoma in Childhood Cancer Survivors Davies/Cincinnati Genetics SMN   Approved Approved
  Susceptibility Genes for RT-induced Breast Cancer after Hogdkin Lymphoma Van Leeuwen/Netherlands Cancer Institute Genetics SMN   Approved Approved
  Radiation-related Thyroid Cancer Nikiforov/U. of Pittsburgh
Genetics SMN   Approved Approved
05.27.2008 Incidence of Familial Hodgkin Lymphoma Metzger/SJCRH Genetics   06.10.2008 Approved Hold
06.05.2008 Genetic Predictors of Impaired and Enhanced Neurocognitive and Psychological Functioning among Survivors of Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Kadan-Lottick/Yale University Genetics Psychology 03.16.2009 Approved Pending
06.25.2008 Genetic Polymorphisms and Metabolic Outcomes in Childhood Leukemia Survivors Kamdar/Texas Children's Hospital Genetics Chronic Disease 08.11.2008 Approved Ancillary Study Approved
09.25.2008 Late Effects in Childhood Cancer Survivors and Vitamin D Polymorphisms Ocku/Baylor Genetics SMN 10.14.2008 Approved Not Approved
11.13.2008 Long-Term Morbidity in Childhood Cancer Survivors with Down Syndrome Raber/UCSF Genetics Chronic Disease 12.02.2008 Approved Approved
12.02.2008 Evaluation of SNPs in the EWS Breakpoint Region in People with and without Ewing Sarcoma DuBois/UCSF Genetics   12.18.2008 Approved Ancillary Study Approved
06.15.2009 Telomere Length and Risk for Second Malignancy in Pediatric Cancer Survivors Gramatges/Baylor Genetics SMN 07.10.2009 Approved Approved
10.15.2009 Polymorphisms of Cardiomyocyte Genes in CCSS Participants with Congestive Heart Failure or Subclinical Left Ventricular Dysfunction After Treatment with Anthracyclines Green/SJCRH Genetics   11.05.2009 Approved Withdrawn
07.28.2010 Detecting Germ Cell Mutation by Family DNA Sequencing Mulivihill/OU Genetics       Pending
08.21.2010 Genetic Alterations in Second Malignant Neoplasms Nakamura/UCSF Genetics SMN 11.10.2010 Approved Approved
12.15.2010 Multiple SMNs & Genomic Instability/DNA Repair Bhatia/UAB Genetics Epi/Biostats & SMN 02.03.2011 Approved Pending
02.09.2011 Molecular variation between spontaneous breast cancers and breast cancers induced by radiation in survivors of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Pelloski/Ohio State Genetics SMN 03.09.2011 Approved Withdrawn
04.04.2011 Genome-Wide Association Study of Subsequent Malignancies Morton/NCI Genetics SMN & Epi/Biostats 04.21.2011 Approved Approved
04.14.2011 Identification of susceptibility loci in radiation-induced breast cancer by exome and CNV analysis Hodgson/Princess Margaret Hospital Genetics SMN 05.03.2011 Approved Pending
05.03.2011 Genetic susceptibility to anthracycline-related CHF Bhatia/UAB Genetics Chronic Disease & Epi/Biostats 06.02.2011 Approved Approved
07.08.2011 Genetic Susceptibilities to Second Cancers Onel/University of Chicago Genetics SMN 08.16.2011 Approved Pending
07.08.2011 PRDM1 and Somatic Mutations in SMNs after Hodgkin Lymphoma Onel/University of Chicago Genetics SMN 08.16.2011 Approved Pending
10.05.2011 Host and demographic factors associated with solid second malignant neoplasms in un-irradiated childhood cancer survivors Henderson/University of Chicago Genetics SMN 11.07.2011 Withdrawn  
10.18.2012 Epigenomic Profiling of Metabolic Outcomes in Childhood Leukemia Survivors Lupo/Baylor Genetics Cancer Control 11.20.2012 Approved Approved
09.26.2013 Evaluation of the intrinsic molecular profiles of radiation-preceded breast cancer Barcellos-Hoff/NYU Genetics SMN 10.14.2013 Approved Pending
03.25.2014 Shortened telomere length and defects in telomere maintenance associated with thyroid SMNs in childhood cancer survivors, Ancillary Gramatages/Baylor Genetics SMN & Epi/Biostats 04.14.2014 Approved Approved
06.20.2014 Improving delivery of genetic services to high risk childhood cancer survivors, Ancillary Henderson/University of Chicago Genetics Cancer Control 10.28.2014 Approved Approved
05.02.2008 Characterization of Genomic Alterations in Radiation-Related Breast Cancer Using Array CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) Yang/NCI Genetics SMN 06.02.2008 Approved Approved
04.01.2014 Neurofibromatosis and Second Neoplasms, Ancillary Study Bhatia/UAB Genetics   04.11.2014 Approved Approved
02.19.2015 Exome Sequencing to Discover Genetic Variants that Predispose to the Development of Subsequent Neoplasms Morton/NCI Genetics SMN & Epi/Biostats 04.26.2015 Approved Approved
05.01.2015 Validation of Interactome-based Biomarkers of Inherited Susceptibility to Radiation Induced Carcinogensis, Ancillary Study Amundson/Columbia University Genetics SMN 05.11.2015 Approved Approved
01.20.2016 Predicting Pulmonary Late Effects in Childhood Cancer Survivors Agrusa/Baylor College of Medicine Genetics Chronic Disease & Epi/Biostats 02.08.2016 Withdrawn  
03.15.2016 Molecular Characterization of Therapy-Related Pediatric High Grade Gliomas Lucas/SJCRH Genetics SMN 03.28.2016 Approved Pending
07.11.2016 Late Effects Prediction Using Clinical Phenotypes and Whole Genome Sequencing Yasui/SJCRH Genetics Chronic Disease, SMN, Epi/Biostats 07.26.2016 Approved Pending



Germline Genomics to Identify Genetics Variants that Predispose Childhood Cancer Survivors Diagnosed During 1987-1999 to the Development of Subsequent Neoplasms Morton/NCI Genetics SMN, Epi/Biostats 05.09.2017 Approved Pending
05.24.2017 Biological Mechanisms of Accelerated Aging Evidenced as Frailty in Survivors of Childhood Leukemia Gramatges/Baylor Genetics Chronic Disease 06.07.2017 Approved Pending
06.03.2017 Late Effects Prediction Using Whole Genome Sequencing Yasui/SJCRH Genetics Epi/Biostats, SMN, Chronic Disease, Psychology 07.25.2017 Approved Pending
08.08.2017 Immune Dysregulation and Premature Aging in Childhood Cancer Survivors (Ancillary Study) Cozen/USC Genetics Chronic Disease, Psychology 09.01.2017 Approved Pending
05.05.2008 Psychosexual Adjustment in Long-Term Female Survivors of Childhood Cancer Carpentier/Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology     Withdrawn  
06.05.2008 Predictors of Future QOL in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer Nolan/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease 07.11.2008 Approved Approved
06.07.2008 Quality of Life Associated with Fertility Status in Childhood Cancer Survivors Warwick/Medical College of Wisconsin Psychology Chronic Disease 07.11.2008 Withdrawn  
06.09.2008 QOL in Long-Term Survivors Schapmire/University of Louisville Psychology   07.11.2008 Withdrawn  
06.11.2008 Health Behaviors and Chronic Disease Hudson/SJCRH Psychology     Withdrawn  
07.10.2008 The Psychological and General Health Status Impact of Late Sibling Death: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Raber/UCSF Children's Hospital Psychology   08.11.2008 Withdrawn  
08.25.2008 Impact of Chronic Disease on Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Functions Krull/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease 09.19.2008 Approved Approved
10.10.2008 An Examination of the Relationship Between Fatigue/Sleep Disturbance and Neurocognitive Functioning in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Clanton/Baylor Psychology   11.12.2008 Approved Approved
11.24.2008 Outcome after Stroke among Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Leukemia and Brain Tumors Fullerton/UCSF Psychology Chronic Disease 12.18.2008 Approved Approved
01.26.2009 Localization of CNS Directed Radiotherapy and Neurocognitive, Psychological and Quality of Life Outcomes in Survivors of CNS Tumors Armstrong/SJCRH Psychology   02.12.2009 Approved Approved
01.27.2009 Chronic Pain and Psychosexual Function in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Randolph-Frye/SJCRH Psychology   02.12.2009 Withdrawn  
05.05.2009 Dermatological Issues in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Kinahan/Northwestern Psychology Cancer Control 05.28.2009 Approved Approved
06.16.2009 Predictors of Psychoactive Medication Use Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology Epi/Biostats 07.10.2009 Approved Approved
08.12.2009 Causal Associations Between Psychological and Quality of Life Outcomes in CCSS Krull/SJCRH Psychology   09.09.2009 Approved Withdrawn
08.15.2009 Health Related Quality of Life in Adult Survivors of Relapsed ALL Essig/U. of Bern Psychology   09.09.2009 Withdrawn  
01.18.2010 Psychological and Neurocognitive outcomes in those diagnosed with cancer as adolescent and young adults in the CCSS Prasad/Vanderbilt Psychology   02.12.2010 Approved Approved
09.29.2010 Longitudinal Patterns of Late Effects in Adult Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors Hardie/Drexel Psychology Epi/Biostats & Chronic Disease 10.21.2010 Approved Approved
10.21.2010 Longitudinal Psychological Distress Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology   11.10.2010 Approved Approved
04.22.2011 Sensory-motor problems and associated functional outcomes in survivors of childhood central nervous system (CNS) tumors Walsh/Children's National Medical Center Psychology Chronic Disease 05.03.2011 Approved Withdrawn
06.23.2011 Physical Activity and Risky Behavior Patterns Among Teenage Survivors of Childhood Cancers Devine/U. of Rochester Psychology Cancer Control 07.13.2011 Approved Approved
07.23.2011 Measurement invariance in health-related quality of life between young adult survivors of childhood cancer and their siblings Huang/University of Florida Psychology Epi/Biostats 08.16.2011 Approved Approved
01.19.2012 Post-traumatic stress symptoms, adherence to screening guidelines and health-related behaviors in adult survivors of childhood cancer Kimberg/SJCRH Psychology Cancer Control   Hold Withdrawn
01.19.2012 Health Related Locus of Control Kimberg/SJCRH Psychology Cancer Control 02.02.2011 Approved Approved
03.27.2012 Chronic alcohol consumption and neurocognitive function in adult survivors of childhood cancer Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology Cancer Control 04.26.2012 Approved Approved
04.25.2012 Psychosocial and physical factors influencing fatigue in survivors of childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma Crabtree/SJCRH Psychology Epi/Biostats 05.15.2012 Approved Approved
05.07.2012 Identifying Longitudinal Predictors of Quality of Life in Adolescent Survivors of Pediatric Cancer Stern/VCU Psychology   06.13.2012 Approved Approved
05.08.2012 Fatigue reported by childhood cancer survivors and its relationship to health outcomes Lai/Northwestern University Psychology Epi/Biostats 06.13.2012 Approved Pending
10.03.2012 Locus of Control and Survivorship Care Mays/Georgetown Psychology   11.20.2012 Approved Withdrawn
10.06.2012 Psychosocial Outcomes of Pediatric Cancer Survivors Nellen/University of Virginia Psychology   10.26.2012 Withdrawn  
10.12.2012 The Impact of Vision Loss Among Childhood Survivors of Central Nervous System Astroglial Tumors de Blank/Rainbow Babies Psychology Chronic Disease 10.26.2012 Approved Approved
10.16.2012 A Pilot Study to Investigate Stimulants to Improve Neurocognitive Impairment in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Balsamo/Yale Psychology   10.26.2012 Approved Withdrawn
10.17.2012 Posttraumatic stress and growth in survivors of recurrent pediatric blood cancers Hoffman/University of Iowa Psychology   10.26.2012 Withdrawn  
10.24.2012 Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Difficulties in Survivors of Rhabdomyosarcomas Schapiro/Washington University Psychology   11.20.2012 Approved Approved
10.29.2012 Sleep and Fatigue in Survivors of Pediatric CNS tumors Manley/Dana-Farber Psychology Chronic Disease 11.20.2012 Approved Withdrawn
10.30.2012 Eating Disorder Behaviors in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Zhang/Tufts University Psychology   11.20.2012 Approved Pending
05.01.2013 Social and behavioral phenotypes of adolescent survivors of childhood cancer Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology   05.30.2013 Approved Approved
05.08.2013 Exploring latent clusters of survivors using the BSI-18 D'Agostino/Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Psychology   05.30.2013 Approved Approved
08.19.2013 Mental Health Care Service Availability and Utilization Among Childhood Cancer Survivors Perez/Mass General Psychology Cancer Control 09.26.2013 Approved Approved
08.23.2013 The impact of Sibling Sociodemographics and Health Factors on Psychological Outcomes of Childhood Cancer Survivors Buchbinder/CHOC Psychology   09.26.2013 Approved Withdrawn
11.06.2013 Impact of social networks on psychological and health-related quality of life outcomes on young adult survivors of childhood cancer Galligan/Univ. of Florida Psychology   12.17.2013 Withdrawn  
11.14.2013 Neuropsychological Outcomes in Long Term Survivors of Stem Cell Transplant Hiniker/Stanford Psychology   12.17.2013 Not Approved  
01.20.2014 Cognitive, behavioral and learning problems in survivors of childhood ALL Jacola/SJCRH Psychology   02.11.2014 Approved Approved
01.29.2014 Adult Neurobehavioral Late Effects of Pediatric Low Grade Brain Tumors Ris/Baylor Psychology Epi/Biostats 02.11.2014 Approved Approved
03.14.2014 Antecedents and consequences of personal and interpersonal strengths in young adult survivors Henrich/Georgia State University Psychology   03.30.2014 Approved Approved
04.03.2014 Vascular effects of cranial radiation therapy, Ancillary Study Mueller/UCSF Psychology Chronic Disease & Epi/Biostats 04.22.2014 Approved Approved
06.30.2014 Psychological Concerns Among Siblings of Childhood Cancer Survivors Buchbinder/CHOC Psychology   08.29.2014 Approved Pending
10.06.2014 Effects of administration modes on patient-reported outcomes assessment in CCSS Huang/SJCRH Psychology Epi/Biostats 10.28.2014 Approved Approved
03.05.2014 Neurocognitive Function in Survivors of Osteosarcoma Kadan-Lottick/Yale Psychology   04.26.2015 Approved Pending
05.25.2015 Psychosocial Outcomes in Adolescent Survivors of Wilms Tumor Foster/St. Louis Children's Hospital Psychology Chronic Disease 06.18.2015 Approved Approved
08.07.2015 Prevalence and Predictors of Cognitive and Behavioral Problems in Adolescent Survivors of CNS Tumors Kunin-Batson/University of Minnesota Psychology Chronic Disease 08.30.2015 Approved Pending
08.12.2015 Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes in Adolescent Survivors of Neuroblastoma Zheng/Yale Psychology   08.30.2015 Approved Approved
08.19.2015 Social Function in Adolescent Survivors of Pediatric Brain Tumors Schulte/Alberta Children's Hosp Psychology    09.08.2015 Approved Approved
09.09.2015 Lonliness Predictors and Outcomes in Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors Fayad/University at Buffalo Psychology Cancer Control 09.21.2015 Approved Pending
09.09.2015 Sleep Behaviors and Patterns and their Relationship to Health and Mental Health Outcomes in Adult Survivors Daniel/CHOP Psychology Chronic Disease, SMN 09.21.2015 Approved Approved
09.11.2015 Psychological Distress, Neurologic Morbidity and Functional Independence Among Survivors with CNS-Directed Therapy Vuotto/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease 09.28.2015 Approved Approved
09.15.2015 Effect of NF1 Status on Late Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer De Blank/University Hospitals Rainbow Babies Psychology Epi/Biostats, Chronic Disease & SMN 09.28.2015 Approved Pending
11.11.2015 Prevalence and Patterns of Prescription Psychoactive Medication Use in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer Cheung/SJCRH Psychology   11.25.2015 Approved Approved
11.26.2015 Longitudinal Patterns of Psychological Distress and Health Behaviors in Adolescents Shin/UNC Greensboro Psychology Cancer Control 11.30.2015 Withdrawn  
12.01.2015 Psychological and Behavioral Outcomes in Pediatric AML Survivors: BMT Versus Chemotherapy-only Stefanski/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Psychology   12.14.2015 Approved Pending
02.10.2016 eHealth Intervention for Insomnia in ALL Survivors Ruble/Johns Hopkins University Psychology Cancer Control & Intervention 02.22.2016 Approved Pending
02.10.2016 Adolescent Risk Factors and Behavior Patterns and Future Alcohol and Psychoactive Medication Use in Young Adult Survivors Ruiz/Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Psychology   02.22.2016 Approved Pending
05.05.2016 Posttraumatic Stress as a Unique Contributor to Health Outcomes and Healthcare Utilization in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Van Sickle/Florida Institute of Technology Psychology Cancer Control 05.20.2016 Approved Pending
05.09.2016 Special Education Services, Educational Attainment, and Chronic Health Conditions Among Long-Term Survivors Bashore/Cook Children’s Med Center Psychology Chronic Disease 05.20.2016 Approved Pending
05.16.2016 Long Term Psychosocial Outcomes in Pediatric Low Grade Glioma Survivors Ris/Texas Children’s Hospital Psychology Epi/Biostats 06.01.2016 Approved Pending
08.26.2016 The Impact of Preexisting Genetic or Congenital Medical Conditions on Long-Term Psychosocial and Psychological Outcomes Jacola/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease, Genetics 09.07.2016 Approved Pending
09.30.2016 Trends in Utility-based Health-related Quality of Life Among Childhood Cancer Survivors Yeh/Boston Children’s Hospital Psychology Chronic Disease 10.28.2016 Approved Pending
10.27.2016 Cognitive Aging in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Krull/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease
Cancer Control
11.15.2016 Approved Pending
11.15.2016 Physical Activity as a Predictor of Neurocognitive Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers Edelstein/Princess Margaret Cancer Center Psychology Chronic Disease
Cancer Control
11.30.2016 Approved Pending
12.21.2016 Longitudinal Changes in Functional Independence in Aging Adult Survivors of Pediatric Brain Tumors Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease 01.12.2017 Approved Pending
01.09.2017 Suicide, Homicide and Accidental Causes of Death in Childhood Cancer Survivors Qaddoumi/SJCRH Psychology Epi/Biostats 01.24.2017 Approved Pending
02.01.2017 Determinates of Longitudinal Health-Related Quality of Life Change in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Huang/SJCRH Psychology Chronic Disease & Cancer Control 02.17.2017 Approved Pending
02.17.2017 Effects of Radiation and Changes by Treatment Era on Neurocognitive Impairment, Social Attainment and Quality of Life in Adult Survivors of Pediatric Brain Tumors Brinkman/SJCRH Psychology   02.28.2017 Approved Pending
02.28.2017 Self-Reported Neuropsychological Outcomes in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Hesko/Univ. of Chicago Psychology Chronic Disease 04.04.2017 Approved Pending
03.08.2017 Daily and Chronic Experiences of Pain in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Alberts/SJCRH Psychology Cancer Control 04.04.2017 Approved Pending
03.10.2017 Racial/Ethnic Differences in Neurocognitive and Psychological Function in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers Dixon/SJCRH Psychology Epi/Biostats 04.04.2017 Approved Pending
07.13.2017 Loss of Sight, Hearing and Peripheral Sensation and its Effects on HRQOL and Social Functioning in Childhood Cancer Survivors Across Three Decades of Diagnosis Prasad/LSU Psychology Chronic Disease 08.08.2017 Approved Pending
08.28.2017 Mental health outcomes in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with chemotherapy-only protocols across different eras of time Nannes/Duke Psychology Chronic Disease 09.16.2017 Approved Pending
09.09.2017 Neurocognitive outcomes in survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with chemotherapy only van der Plas/Sick Kids Psychology Chronic Disease 09.28.2017 Approved Pending
09.11.2017 Persistence of fatigue and associated factors in adult survivors of childhood cancer Krull/SJCRH Psychology Cancer Control 09.28.2017 Approved Pending
10.11.2017 Neurocognitive functioning, emotional and quality of life of childhood cancer survivors of Asian/Pacific Islanders Sato/ Ochanomizu Univ. Psychology   10.19.2017 Approved Pending
04.10.2008 Multiple Subsequent Neoplasms Robison/SJCRCH SMN   04.20.2008 Approved Approved
06.20.2008 GH Therapy and Brain Tumors as SMNs Patterson/Emory University SMN Chronic Disease 03.16.2009 Approved Not Approved
12.18.2008 Colorectal Cancer as SMN Henderson/Univ. of Chicago SMN   01.12.2009 Approved Approved
09.11.2009 Late Occurring Secondary Leukemia's in Survivors of Childhood Cancers Nottage/SJCRH SMN   10.06.2009 Approved Approved
05.25.2010 Melanoma as a second malignant neoplasm Pappo/SJCRH SMN Genetics 06.14.2010 Approved Approved
06.18.2010 Breast cancer following chest RT Oeffinger/MSKCC SMN Chronic Disease 07.01.2010 Approved Approved
10.28.2010 Primary Tumor Recurrence and SMN After Pregnancy Rokitka/Roswell Park SMN   11.10.2010 Approved Pending
11.09.2010 SMN After Diabetes Mellitus Chang/UCSF SMN Chronic Disease 11.23.2010 Approved Pending
11.11.2010 Breast Cancer Risk Factors Inskip/NCI SMN   12.07.2010 Approved Approved
11.16.2010 Radiation Dose and Risk of Meningioma Rajaraman/NCI SMN Epi/Biostats   Hold  
02.03.2011 Renal Cell Carcinoma Wilson/SJCRH SMN   03.09.2011 Approved Approved
04.13.2011 Gynecological Malignancies Nathan/Sick Kids SMN   05.03.2011 Approved Pending
04.20.2011 Development and validation of an absolute risk prediction model for thyroid cancer in childhood cancer survivors Ronckers/Netherlands SMN Epi/Biostats 05.03.2011 Approved Approved
04.27.2011 Testicular Cancer Following Pediatric Cancer Oeffinger/MSKCC SMN Chronic Disease 05.10.2011 Approved Pending
05.03.2011 Development of Radiobiologic Models of Second Cancer Risk for Childhood Cancer Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy Hodgson/Princess Margaret SMN Epi/Biostats 06.02.2011 Approved Approved
05.09.2011 Risk of Breast Cancer in Survivors Not Exposed to Chest Radiation Henderson/Univ. of Chicago SMN Genetics 06.02.2011 Approved Approved
05.30.2011 Breast Cancer Following Spinal Radiation Moskowitz/MSKCC SMN Cancer Control & Epi/Biostats 06.22.2011 Approved Approved
08.11.2011 Subsequent neoplasms in adult survivors of childhood cancer in relation to weight and physical activity George/NCI SMN Cancer Control, Epi/Biostats & Psychology 08.21.2011 Approved Not Approved
08.31.2011 Lymphoma as SMN Suh/University of Chicago SMN   09.21.2011 Approved Not Approved
04.03.2012 Late Second Neoplasms in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Cancer Turcotte/University of Minnesota SMN Epi/Biostats 04.26.2012 Approved Approved
06.07.2012 Second Malignant Neoplasm in Down syndrome survivors of childhood cancer Xavier/MUSC SMN Genetics 07.16.2012 Approved Pending
07.03.2012 Pooled International Study of Radiation Related Intracranial Tumors Inskip/NCI SMN   07.16.2012 Approved Approved
09.18.2012 Exposure-specific absolute risks of second primary cancer and cardiovascular disease for five-year survivors of childhood Hodgkin's lymphoma Kovalchik/NCI SMN Cancer Control & Chronic Disease 10.05.2012 Approved Pending
11.27.2012 Subsequent Neoplasms in Survivors of Medulloblastoma at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Tsui/SJCRH SMN Chronic Disease 01.10.2013 Approved Approved
01.08.2013 Beyond radiation: Understanding thyroid cancer risk in childhood cancer Turcotte/University of Minnesota SMN Epi/Biostats 04.02.2013 Approved Pending
04.14.2013 Comparison of radiation dose reconstruction methods for subsequent neoplasm studies Morton/NCI SMN Epi/Biostats & Genetics 05.15.2013 Approved Approved
07.24.2013 HPV-related SMNs in childhood cancer survivors Alexander/University of Chicago SMN   08.19.2013 Approved Approved
10.02.2013 Radiation Dose Reconstruction Methods for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Howell/MD Anderson SMN Epi/Biostats & Chronic Disease 10.14.2013 Approved Withdrawn
01.14.2014 NF1 and Second Malignant Neoplasms Bhatia/UAB SMN Genetics 02.19.2014 Approved Approved
01.16.2014 Changing Patterns of Second Neoplasms in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Comparison of Survivor Cohorts Turcotte/University of Minnesota SMN Epi/Biostats 02.11.2014 Approved Approved
01.30.2014 Breast Cancer in the Modern Treatment Era Henderson/Univ. of Chicago SMN   02.11.2014 Approved Pending
04.23.2014 Prediction Model: Breast Cancer in Women Irriadiated for a Pediatric Malignancy, Ancillary
Moskowitz/MSKCC SMN Cancer Control   Approved Approved
12.05.2015 Changing Patterns of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer in Childhood Cancer Survivors Who Received Radiation Therapy Griffith/University of Miami SMN Epi/Biostats 1.15.2015 Approved Pending
12.25.2014 The Impact of Radiation Dose Uncertainty and Hetergeneity Breast Cancer Risk Berrington/NCI SMN Epi/Biostats 01.15.2015 Approved Pending
02.09.2015 Cause-specific Mortality among Survivors with Thyroid Subsequent Malignant Neoplasm Barnea/MSKCC SMN Epi/Biostats 04.26.2015 Approved Approved
07.17.2015 Lung Cancer as Subsequent Malignant Neoplasm Dietz/U. of Utah SMN   08.30.2015 Approved Pending
09.18.2015 Patterns of CNS Neoplasms in Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report from the CCSS Phelan/U of Minn SMN Epi/Biostats 09.30.2015 Approved Pending
06.23.2016 Subsequent Neoplasms among Childhood Cancer Survivors Exposed to Chemotherapy and not Radiation Turcotte/U of Minn SMN Epi/Biostats 07.26.2016 Approved  
08.04.2017 Treatment Modifications and Provider Decision Making in the Management of Subsequent Breast Cancers Among Survivors (Ancillary Study) Turcotte/U of Minn SMN Cancer Control, Epi/Biostats 09.01.2017 Approved Pending