Career Development Award

The CCSS Career Development Award (CDA) is designed to create an opportunity for early career investigators and trainees with an interest and aptitude in childhood cancer survivorship research to develop and complete an initial research study within the CCSS. This will serve as a foundation for the development of a career path that includes survivorship research.

Past Awardees

Category Awardee Project Title Direct Costs Awarded CCSS Working Group Primary Mentor
Junior Faculty Rebecca Ronsley, MD, FRCPC
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Prevalence of Gonadal Failure and Infertility in Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors $20,000 Chronic Disease Eric Chow
Trainee Chiara Papini, PhD
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
The Impact of Sleep Trajectories on Neurocognitive Functioning in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer $3,000 Psychology Tara Brinkman
Trainee Perri Tutelman, PhD
University of Calgary
Longitudinal Patterns and Predictors of Cancer Fears in Survivors of Childhood Cancer $3,000 Psychology Fiona Schulte
Junior Faculty Rusha Bhandari, MD, MS
City of Hope
Health Outcomes in Older Survivors of Childhood Cancer $20,000 Chronic Disease Kiri Ness
Junior Faculty Gordon Watt, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Genetic modification of chemotherapy-associated subsequent malignant neoplasms $20,000 Genetics Jonine Bernstein
Trainee Tim Ohlsen, MD
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Financial hardship among long-term survivors of childhood cancer $3,000 Cancer Control and Intervention Eric Chow, Arti Desai
Junior Faculty Kelly Rentscher, PhD
University of California Los Angeles
Psychological distress, social functioning, and phenotypic aging in adult survivors of childhood cancer $20,000 Psychology Kiri Ness
Trainee Christina Sharkey, PhD
Children’s National Hospital
The impact of physical activity and psychological distress on neurocognitive functioning over time $3,000 Psychology Kristina Hardy
Junior Faculty Catherine Goudie, MD
MCGill University Health Center
Long-term cost-effectiveness of cancer predisposition syndrome identification strategies in survivors of pediatric leukemia, brain tumors or bone/soft tissue sarcomas $20,000 Genetics Paul Nathan
Trainee Natalie Wu, MD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Development and validation of a prediction model for end-stage renal disease in childhood cancer survivors $3,000 Chronic Disease

Eric Chow
Junior Faculty Cindy Im, PhD
University of Alberta
Genetic risk prediction profiles for fracture risk among childhood cancer survivors $20,000
Genetics Yutaka Yasui
Trainee Suman Shrestha, MS, MSc
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Enhancing heart model of current CCSS age-specific computational phantoms by defining cardiac substructures and dose reconstruction $3,000 Chronic Disease Rebecca Howell
Junior Faculty Nicole Alberts, PhD, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Chronic pain in adult survivors of childhood cancer: Utilization of the CCSS mHealth platform in assessing pain and wearable technology $20,000 Psychology Greg Armstrong
Trainee Kerri Becktell, Medical College of Wisconsin Long-term follow-up of survivors of osteosarcoma $3,000 Chronic Disease Cindy Schwartz 
Trainee Kari Bjornard, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital The impact of chronic health conditions on sexual dysfunction in female childhood cancer survivors $3,000 Chronic Disease Kiri Ness
Junior Faculty Ralph Salloum, MD,
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Medulloblastoma and PNET outcomes across three decades of diagnosis $30,000 Chronic Disease Maryam Fouladi
Trainee Stefanie Vuotto, PhD, 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Psychological distress, neurologic morbidity and functional independence among adult survivors treated with CNS-directed therapies $3,000 Psychology Tara Brinkman
Junior Faculty Danielle Novetsky Friedman, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Impact of radiation dose to the pancreas on subsequent risk of diabetes mellitus $20,000 Chronic Disease Charles Sklar
Junior Faculty Adam Esbenshade, MD,
Vanderbilt University
Using the Cumulative Illness Rating Scale to characterize the burden of chronic conditions $20,000
Chronic Disease
Kirsten Ness
Trainee Douglas Fair, MD,
University of Utah
Health care financial burden and missed opportunities for care
$3,000 Chronic Disease Anne Kirchhoff
Junior Faculty Philip Lupo, PhD,
Baylor College of Medicine
Epigenomic profiling of metabolic outcomes in childhood leukemia survivors $20,000 Genetics Smita Bhatia
Junior Faculty Rebecca Howell, PhD,
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Radiation dose reconstruction methods for intensity modulated radiation therapy $20,000 Second Malignancies Marilyn Stovall
Trainee Giselle Perez, PhD,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Mental healthcare service availability and utilization among childhood cancer survivors $3,000 Psychology and Cancer Control Elyse Park
Trainee Melissa Schapiro, MD,
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Cognitive and academic difficulties in survivors of head/neck rhabodomyosarcoma $3,000 Psychology Robert Hayashi
Junior Faculty Sogol Mostoufi-Moab,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Overall risk of chronic endocrine disorders in adult survivors of childhood cancer $50,000 Chronic Disease Mary Leonard