CCSS CHF Risk Calculator

This risk assessment tool predicts risk of congestive heart failure (CHF) by age 40 among survivors of childhood cancer. It uses information from the CCSS paper, "Individual prediction of heart failure among childhood cancer survivors" (Chow et al., ...), which created clinically useful models with readily available demographic and cancer treatment information. These models were designed specifically for patients who have recently completed cancer treatment (5 years from cancer diagnosis). These models have been validated in 3 separate groups of childhood cancer survivors: Emma Children's Hospital and Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), the National Wilms Tumor Study, and the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study.

Depending on what level of treatment information is available, we created three different prediction models:

  • Simple (if anthracycline and chest radiation exposures are known, but not the doses)
  • Standard (if anthracycline and chest radiation doses are known)
  • Standard+heart (if anthracycline dose and heart-specific radiation dosimetry are known)

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